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Full & Phased Conversions

Campervan conversions are our bread and butter. If you've been thinking of having your van converted in to your dream home on wheels, then get in touch. Our bespoke conversions will be completely unique to you with communication, updates and client input throughout the process. Whether you've already got your van, or you're thinking about purchasing, get in touch and we'll help you from start to finish.


Full conversions

We can transform your blank canvas of a van in to your dream home on wheels. Each conversion will usually starting with a chat and a design planning meeting. We will talk you through all the aspects of your conversion and tailor the final details based on your preferences. When you are happy, you can secure your start date with a small deposit and our staggered payment plans allow for budget friendly options. Keeping you updated throughout, you'll see your campervan develop before your eyes.

With full conversions starting from £6000 for a smaller van and £10,000 for a medium or large van, we'll ensure the price is right for you. 


Phased Conversions

If your budget or time does not allow for a full conversion from the off, our phased conversion option could be for you. With no minimum requirement for each phase, we can tailor your build to suit your pace. This is often a preferred option for those who regularly use their van or for those wanting to spread the cost of the conversion a little further.

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