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Introducing the ultimate solution for your camper van window bonding needs – the Masterbond Camper Van Window Bonding Set. Engineered to provide you with everything necessary for secure and efficient window installation, this kit ensures a hassle-free experience for all your camper van adventures.

Inside each Masterbond kit, you'll find:

  • 310ml Cartridge: The cornerstone of your window installation process, this high-quality adhesive provides exceptional bonding strength, ensuring your windows stay securely in place.

  • 30ml Body Primer: Prepare your camper van's surface for optimal adhesion with this specialised body primer, enhancing the bond between the adhesive and your vehicle's frame for long-lasting durability.

  • Glass Wipe: Achieve a clean and pristine surface for bonding with the included glass wipe, eliminating any dirt or debris that could compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive.

  • Pre-cut Nozzle: Say goodbye to messy applications and wasted adhesive – the pre-cut nozzle allows for precise dispensing, ensuring every drop goes exactly where you need it.

  • Applicator Swab: For precise application of the body primer and adhesive, the included applicator swab makes it easy to apply the necessary coatings evenly and efficiently.

With the Masterbond Camper Van Window Bonding Set, you can hit the road with confidence, knowing your windows are securely bonded and ready for whatever adventures lie ahead. Plus, with a quick curing time of just one hour, you can enjoy the freedom of driving away soon after installation, without the long wait times typically associated with traditional bonding methods.

Don't let subpar window bonding kits hold you back – upgrade to the Masterbond Camper Van Window Bonding Set today and experience the difference firsthand.

Camper window bonding kit

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