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The RIB Altair seat is a highly sought-after rock n roll bed for campervans, known for its exceptional quality and safety ratings. It is NCAP certified, featuring integral 3-point harness seating, thorough testing to meet EU Regulations, and TUV approval. A standout feature of the RIB bed is its availability in various dimensions, suitable for most Camper Vans and Day Vans.

Dimensions: 112cm

Seating Capacity: 2

Equipped with ISOFIX

Contoured seat cushions providing a flat sleeping surface Integrated and height-adjustable headrests

Adjustable rear back cushion support when in bed position

Effortless transition from seat to bed with the sleeping surface at the rear

Generous space underneath for open storage or customizable drawers


The RIB seat, a top choice for VW Campervans, is installed in the middle of the vehicle, allowing safe transportation of luggage at the rear, a feature not common in traditional Rock & Roll beds. This versatile bed offers a rear cushion that reclines in multiple positions, enabling you to sit comfortably in bed with adjustable back support at any angle. Transforming the RIB seat into a bed is quick and easy—simply flip over the front and back cushions to create a perfectly flat and comfortable bed. The 112 cm width seat accommodates 2 passengers and is equipped with integral 3-point seat belt harnesses for each position, along with standard integrated headrests.


Warranty: 2 years


  • Simora - T6 fabric used from 2015+ on Highline vans, Titanium outer panels and Simora centre panels
  • Bricks - T6.1 fabric used on Highline van, Titanium outer panels and Bricks centre panels
  • Black Vinyl - Black Vinyl Outers, Headrest  & Centre Panels, the rear is Enduro in Black.
  • Black Noir - Automotive fabric in Black Noir all over - Compliments lots of automotive fabrics e.g. Trafic, VW, Merc.

RIB 112 Fixed Seat

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