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Please submit all enquiries via the form below. We will do our best to get back to you within a few working days .


Camper Family Cymru Ltd.

Unit 6,

Woodham Road,


Vale of Glamorgan.

CF63 4JE


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  • How do I book a build slot?
    Our "Campervan Conversions" tab has all of our packages and optional extras. Please familiarise yourself with our work and then contact us using the contact form. One of our team members will reach out to discuss your enquiry in detail. Once the details are agreed, Camper Family Cymru will request a build slot deposit of £1,000. This deposit is non-refundable and will secure your agreed build slot.
  • Can we visit the workshop?
    You can visit our workshop by appointment only. Due to strict health and safety regulations, we need to ensure that visits are planned in a safe and organised manner. Anyone who turns up unannounced will be scheduled for a visit at another time. We are always accessible via telephone or email in working hours.
  • Do Camper Family source vans?
    If you have not already sourced your base vehicle, we can help. With years of experience in the vehicle sales industry, we have excellent contacts that we can rely on to source high-quality vans.
  • What age and mileage van should I buy?
    We have purchased many vans with varying mileages and ages. Ultimately, this depends on your budget; buy the newest and lowest mileage van you can afford. Our recommended formula is to aim for a van with around 30,000 miles and 3 years old, as these tend to have the lowest error rate. Additionally, try to buy a van with a full service history. A well-maintained van carries much less risk than one without proper maintenance records. This will enable you to consider vehicles with higher mileage or slightly older models than you initially anticipated.
  • Do you provide finance?
    No, we do not.
  • Do you offer part or phased conversions?
    Yes, we do. We offer an initial phase conversion as part of our packages. This service is only available for vans which have had no prior conversion work. This is to ensure that work can be completed to our high standards, and we are able to provide full warranty for the end product. This service is mostly offered for VW T5/T6 or Ford Transit Customs. We do offer packages for a limited number of other smaller vans. If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.
  • Do you provide a warranty?
    Yes, we provide a comprehensive warranty for our work for one year, subject to terms and conditions. Manufacturer warranties also apply to our builds. These range from 6 months to 10 years, again subject to the provider's terms and conditions.
  • What are your payment terms and how do deposits work?
    Once we have agreed on a plan for a van conversion, we follow this payment process: Firstly, you will be asked to provide an initial deposit of £1,000. This deposit is non-refundable and will secure an estimated conversion date. In the event of cancellation, this deposit is non-refundable. We then request a 75% deposit four weeks before the build is scheduled to commence. A final payment will be due upon collection of the camper van, minus the initial build slot deposit.
  • How many layouts do you have?
    We offer a total of six layouts, which you can view on the "Our Builds" tab on our website.
  • Why choose one of our layouts?
    With years of experience and over one hundred van builds under our belt, we've learned the dos and don'ts of campervan construction. Our signature builds incorporate all our learnings to create the best vans money can buy. Each aspect of the van has been meticulously considered with usability, reliability, and design in mind. Essentially, these layouts represent the vans that our team would personally use themselves, and this philosophy is at the core of our designs.
  • Do you offer a 100% bespoke campervan service?
    Yes, we do. However, there are several factors to consider: Creating a bespoke van design is a time-consuming process, involving extensive design discussions and the rendering of 3D designs. Once the design is approved, it needs to be handcrafted, which requires a significant amount of time and dedication from our team. So, we ask for a £5,000 design fee payable upfront to create a truly bespoke camper van. This is a one-off design fee and is additional to the cost of the campervan conversion. A full portfolio is availble on our Instagram @camperfamcymru
  • Can I make changes to one of your packages?
    We endeavour to keep changes to our layouts minimal as we have invested a significant amount of time in designing them to be the best they can be. However, if you require a fixed bed or a pull-out bike drawer, we are willing to explore what adjustments can be made. You have the option to customise all colours, fabrics, appliance colours, and fixtures and fittings to achieve the desired look.
  • Do you offer layouts with showers?
    We are currently developing a layout with a shower for an extra long wheelbase van. We anticipate launching this option in mid-2025.
  • Do you offer external modifications to vehicles?
    Yes, we do offer external modifications as part of our services. Additionally, we have a list of fantastic, tried and tested tradespeople for services we don't offer, such as bodywork, paint, and wraps.
  • How long does a camper van conversion take?
    Small vans: Approximately 6 weeks (e.g., VW Caddy to VW T5). Medium vans: Approximately 8-10 weeks (e.g., Fiat Ducato MWB). Large vans: Approximately 12-14 weeks (e.g., extra-long wheelbase VW Crafter H4 L4). These are estimates based on our signature packages. 100% bespoke builds may take 14-16 weeks due to consultation and design time.
  • When can I drop my van off?
    We typically ask for the van to be dropped off a week before work is due to commence. However, we can discuss and arrange this with you based on your schedule and our availability.
  • Can I visit the workshop during the build?
    You are welcome to visit the workshop, but you would need to arrange a time and date with us in advance. We will keep you updated on your build throughout the entire process.
  • What to expect on handover day?
    Before handover, you will be provided with all manuals via the Global Workshop app. This centralizes all reading materials in one place, ensuring you don't have to worry about losing them. During the handover process, we will spend a few hours with you, explaining the features of the van and answering any questions you may have. Please note that final payment is required on or prior to collection before we can release the van to you.
  • Will you keep me up to date during the build?
    Absolutely, it's up to you how you prefer to stay informed. Option one is the surprise approach, our favourite! We'll document everything during the build and provide it to you after collection for a thrilling reveal. Option two involves keeping you informed with photos etc., providing updates of the build. However, we'll cease sending images during the final two weeks to maintain a surprise for the finishing touches.
  • When will I know to collect my van?
    Due to various variables that can affect build times, we aim to provide you with two weeks' notice of your collection date. Once the build is complete, we conduct a thorough pre-delivery inspection checklist. This process also includes detailing of the vehicle and cleaning, which we coordinate with our outsourced partners.
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