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Insulation, Carpeting & Cladding

This is arguably one of the more important aspects of your van conversion. Insulating your van properly is important for your comfort and for temperature control. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, your walls will be lined with only the best quality products at Camper Family Cymru.

Insulation and Sound Deadening

Insulating your van adequately is a crucial initial step in your van conversion to ensure you are comfortable while on your travels. As well as insulation; sound deadening is an important first step. The application of sound deadening mats offers additional insulation, but also minimises the rattling and rickety noises in your van.

We use the highest quality products and our preferred manufacturer is Dodo Mat.  


Carpeting and Cladding

Whether you choose to carpet or clad your van, we can supply and fit materials for incredibly competitive prices. Whatever your preferred finish, we will ensure you're blown away with your transformed van. With a wide range of colour options for our top quality sourced carpet, and lots of possibilities in terms of cladding, your van can be finished exactly the way you imagined.

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