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Rock and Roll Beds & Pop Tops

We can help you make the most of your small space to ensure your comfort is the main focus of your conversion. Leg room? Head space? Let's get you comfortable for your adventures.


Rock and Roll Beds

Are you more rock and roller? Or maybe a cuppa and an early nighter? Whatever a rock and roll night looks like in your van, make sure it's a comfortable one. Our top quality sourced rock and roll beds are M1 crash tested for safety, but we're also told they offer a fab night's sleep!

If you prefer a bed that is practical, stylish and comfortable then a rock and roll bed might be a good option for you. We offer a range of beds including rock and roll, pull out bench seats and fixed bed options. We also supply and fit RIB bed upgrades.


Pop Top Roof

Pop tops are a popular option for many to ensure the van is easy to manoeuvre, while offering head space and an extra bed. We enjoying fitting these practical and sleek looking pops. We currently only offer this service for VW T5/T6 and Ford Transit Customs

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